3 on 3 Tournament

3 on 3 Info

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

@ The RISE Centre

Saturday August 13, 2016

Registration Deadline July 8

(Limited Number of Teams)


3 on 3 Divisions

Girls & Boys Divisions

U12 U14 U17
 (2004-2005)  (2002-2003)  (1999-2001)

General Information

Teams may have up to four registered players, but must have at least three registered players to participate in the Tournament. Teams that do not have the required minimum three players registered by the deadline will be removed from the database and will not be allowed to participate in the Tournament. No refunds will be given for incomplete teams.
All participating players must be officially registered for the Tournament. A team found to be using unregistered player(s) during any Tournament game may be disqualified from the Tournament at the discretion of tournament officials.
All registered players must be able to provide some form of identification with proof of age at all times during the Tournament. Players unable to provide this identification upon request, may be disqualified from the Tournament at the discretion of Tournament officials.

Co-ed teams are not allowed.

Team Name
Your team name must be no more than 20 characters and consist of letters only. Briers Basketball reserves the right to reject any name deemed to be inappropriate. You will be notified of Team names that have been rejected, and requested for a replacement Team name. If an appropriate Team name has not been selected by the registration deadline, the new Team name will be defaulted to the listed Team captain's last name.


Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

A team shall lose the game by forfeit if at the scheduled starting time the team is not present on the playing court with 3 players ready to play.

All games one period of 10 minutes, or first team to 21 points.

1 Referee per game.

Round Robin
U12 & U14 Running time, no shot clock
U17 Running time, and shot clock

Gold Medal
U12 Running time, no shot clock
U14 Playing time, no shot clock
U17 Playing time, and shot clock
All Games Indoors