Responsibilities of the Briers Basketball Club Board of Directors


The Board of Directors establishes the framework for the organization.

• Creates and updates the mission and vision statements.

• Defines what benefits (or end results) the organization is providing to whom and what it will cost to deliver them.

• Determines how organizational performance will be measured.


The Board of Directors sets the direction for the organization.

• Sets goals and approves and monitors the strategic or business plan.

• Develops organizational policies, including the policies that govern how the board will operate.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the behavior and performance of board members and contractors.

• Establishes the code of ethics for the board and contractors, including policies related to conflict of interest, and sets the tone for organizational behavior.

• Hires and fires the contractors.

• Establishes the end results the contractors is assigned to achieve and defines any limitations on the means the contractors can use or any functions the contractors must perform.

• Monitors financial and operational performance. Evaluates the contractors based on achievement of the end results and compliance with predefined limitations or requirements.

• Serves as the last court of appeal within the organization.

• Selects an auditor and receives the audit report.

Good Will and Support

The Board of Directors represents the organization to the outside world and provides support and counsel to the contractors.

• Supports the organization by making personal donations, garnering resources and advisors and assisting with fundraising.

• Serves as the organization’s ambassador to other agencies, funders and potential funders and the general community.

• Communicates the value of the organization to prospective donors.

• Attracts donors, supporters, favorable press, and new board members.